Muscat Municipality


    Muttrah, Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

The project of Muttrah Infrastructure Integration and Redevelopment (MIIR) developed by Sering International concerns the development of a long-term (2050) that guarantees and oversees sustainable urban development reversing the current situation of degradation reaffirming the centrality of Muttrah in Muscat.

This process of transformation and recovery of the city will be gradual and, to this end, it has set an intermediate target to 2025. By this date it is expected the improvement of all the infrastructure and services of Muttrah, operating within an innovative model aimed at sustainable lifestyles, based on its historical heritage and the cosmopolitan tradition and its existing features

The Project Area is about 470 hectares, of which about 230 hectares are urbanized, and includes the historical center and the market (Souq), the mountainous Skyline, the Fort, the towers and the ancient city wall, the “Corniche” and the port, the new residential areas and historical buildings that characterize the identity of Oman in a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Liveability – Creating a healthy living environment for the residents of Muttrah through the enhancement of public services.
  2. Preservation of the architectural heritage and the social identity
  3. Diversity and Conservation of culture and the historically cosmopolitan nature of Muttrah.
  4. Innovation with the introduction of new trends in eco-friendly lifestyle (by reducing car use, differentiating waste collection, etc.).

The project involves the construction of urban improvement works with the realization of public spaces comfortable and experienced by both the resident population and visitors & tourists.

The recovery of the great historical heritage of Muttrah town includes the revaluation of the old wall and the watchtowers’ system. In this perspective, the historical points of the town’s ancient gates and the realization of an open air museum along the best preserved part of the wall will be revaluated.

Services provided by Sering International

  • Data Collection
  • Concept Planning and Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design