SERING was founded in 1981 by a group of young and enthusiastic engineers, university classmates, who joined together to work at their project as a partnership.

The Company has gained over the past thirty years a deep understanding of the technical, regulatory and management aspects in the fields of major engineering works, architecture and urban planning. Since the nineties, SERING carries out its activities abroad too.

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SERING, with its team of experts, is able to provide its customers with all the facilities for the proper development of the entire cycle of execution of works, from planning to testing, as listed below. In addition, the experience gained allows SERING to provide technical advice both in solving engineering problems and in the research field.


SERING has developed more than 400 civil engineering projects including the whole design process: from the feasibility study to the cost-benefit analysis, from the preliminary, final and detailed design to the supervision of works, from test activities to the analysis of behaviour of the building material.

Special attention has also been paid to the design sectors of renewable energy sources and to that of tests and monitoring in laboratory and in situ, through the cooperation with subsidiary companies, able to provide specific expertise and skills.

Since 1990s SERING has been carrying out its activities even abroad, especially in the North-Central Africa, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Middle East countries.