Muscat Municipality


    Muscat Governorate – Sultanate of Oman

The intervention for the flood protection of Bousher and Seeb area consists of the design  and construction of lamination dams in the upper catchment, for a total of 3 new reservoirs for Al Jifnain network and 4 new reservoirs for Al Ansab network , the optimization of the existing structures and the design  of a drainage network downstream. Moreover, the project involves the design of a channel network to discharge excess water.

Regarding Wadi Al Jifnain network, the final downstream configuration foresees 3 main channels connected to the JIF07 dam, arriving to the sea with 4 outlets. A configuration with several minor channels instead of a single wide size is necessary due to the fact that the urban area of Seeb presents a very high density of buildings and very slight slopes. Al Jifnain network is composed by 11 branches, with a total length about 37 km.

Wadi Al Ansab network is constituted of three principal trunks Channels C1 and C2 and C departing from the existing ANS00 dam.

All the design has been supported by the 2-D modeling made with  MIKE Flood package.

Services provided by Sering International

  • Hydrological study and Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Cost-benefits analysis,
  • Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Design
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Detailed Design
  • Supervision of works

The Preliminary Design and the Detailed Design have been approved by the Client.