BATCO on behalf of the Executive Committee for Developing Rural Areas, Dubai (UAE)


    Dubai/Fujairah UAE

Review the condition of the existing slope cuts. Design of the Protection Works

The Dubai/Fujairah Freeway runs through a mountainous area dissected by several wadi systems. The total length is approximately 44 km. Between Ch 11+000 and  Ch 33+400 a series of cut slopes, ranging in height between 13 and 100 meters have experienced a range of failures in terms of their types and size. These range from  individual benches to entire cut slope failures.

The program of the design activities has included:

  • carrying out site investigations along the entire area of Slopes;
  • the critical elaboration of the experimental data with on-site investigations and laboratory tests, to examine the physical-mechanical properties of rock;
  • the geotechnical and geo-mechanical characterization of rock;
  • the evaluation of the slope stability according to Eurocode 7 BS EN 1997:2004 and the study of failure mechanisms;
  • research, geotechnical terms, the best solutions for the rehabilitation of the slope;
  • detailed design of the remedial works

The remedial works design has been developed on the basis of  the observation of the slope stability behavior in the period after  the completion of excavation work and on the basis of the  geotechnical survey (Observational Approach)