Renewable Energies is another sector in which we have a consolidated experience internationally. Our team dedicated to this sector is composed of project managers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and economists.

  • Grid connected 11 MWp Photovoltaic Plant in the Municipality of Caltagirone (CT)
  • Photovoltaic Solar Plant 308.88 kW “Grid-Connected” in Favara Area (AG)
  • Wind Farm 9 Generators 8 MW Plant in the Area of Aragona
  • Five Greenhouses with Photovoltaic Solar Cover “Grid Connected” Named “Contessa 2” in Contrada Realbate (PA-Italy)
  • Photovoltaic Solar Plant “Grid-Connected” 277.2 KWP“ in Piano DI S. Filippo Area
  • Wind Farm at Monte Serra Di Spezia