SERING has designed and supervised a number of rock and soil slope stabilization projects. Our expertise includes the design of foundations & substructures and modeling of soil structure interactions using the finite element methods. With our professionals, we provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of geology, hydrogeology, geo-mechanics and geotechnics.

  • Design of Treatment, Protection and Rock Stabilization for Dubai/Fujairah Freeway
  • Stability of an OETC Pylon holding 132 kW line across Wadi Adai - Interchange, in Muscat Municipality
  • Engineering Services for Conceptual Preliminary and Detailed Geotechnical Design of Saudi Landbridge Project - Section 2., km 271 to Al Jubail Dammam
  • Slopes Protection for Bausher-Al Amerat Road
  • Upgradation of Birkat Al Mouz Sayq Road. Treatment Protection and Rock Stabilization
  • Detailed Design and Supervision of Repair and Remedial Works for the Rock Slopes of Boccadifalco Inhabited Area Located in Palermo Municipality