Malagasy Ministry of Public Works


    Sava Region – Madagascar

In April 2000 a strong hurricane caused many damages to infrastructures in the Sava Region (Madagascar). Therefore, a disenclavement project was necessary to be implemented in order to reconstruct and rehabilitate many infrastructures (roads, ports and dams).

The road that connects the two cities of Sambava and Antalaha, which stretches for 80 km along the North-East coast in a rainforest environment characterized by numerous watercourses, is one of the most affected by cyclonic events. The pre-existing route consisted of a track often interrupted due to the abundant seasonal precipitation. The road crosses impressive streams characterized by very high flows that often overlook the track.
The works consisted in the rebuilding of the entire road body that developed largely on embankments founded on heavily compressed soils. Moreover five new reinforced concrete viaducts length ranging from 35 to 160 m and dozens of boxed and tubular culverts and hydraulic artifacts. The project also envisaged the consolidation of two existing bridges.

Services provided by Sering

  • Geotechnical and topographical surveys
  • Design review
  • Supervision of construction works according to FIDIC conditions of contract
  • Quality and quantity control
  • Supervision of implementation of safety/health and environmental measures
  • Superintendance during the maintenance defects liability period