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    Southern Italy


    Paceco (TP) – Italy

Paceco dam has been built in the ‘80th with the main function of avoiding the risk of flood in Trapani City (Sicily).

Main Features of the Dam

  • Volume of the retention basin: 15×106 m3
  • Type: zoned earthfill dam with clay impervious core
  • Reservoir capacity: 400.000 m3
  • Crest length: 400 m
  • Maximum height: 40 m
  • Spillway type: ungated type

The dam foundation consists of greyish blue fissured clays (Plio-Pleistocene), covered with gravel, sand and silti (recent alluvium).

Services provided by Sering technicians

  • Detailed design of foundations
  • Selection and control of materials for dam construction
  • Supervision of works
  • Monitoring during and after construction