Consortiile Niceto srl


    Province of Messina (Italy)

As part of the works for the dualization of Palermo-Messina Railway – Patti  Messina Section, Sering developed the whole construction design project and provided technical assistance to the Contractor during construction.

Main works involved within the project are:

  • Pier Marina artificial tunnel 240 m long. Works provide for the passage of the train above the roof deck. The National Road SS113 runs inside the tunnel. The roof deck is supported by two or more large pile rows of diameters between 800 mm and 1500 mm. The thickness of the slab is equal to 1.2 m. Piles had also the function of provisional and final support of the deep excavations (more than 15 m).
  • The new viaduct on Muto Torrent
  • The new viaduct on S. Venera Torrent
  • The new commercial building at Patti Station
  • Monitoring systems
  • Hydraulic upgrading of Muto Torrent
  • Hydraukic upgrading of Olimpia Street in S. Pier Niceto
  • Noise barriers
  • Tactile paths
  • LFM Plants