Republic of Kenya – National River Dam Project and Pipeline Corporation


    Kirandich River – Kenya

As part of the River Dam Project for Kabarnet Water Supply Sering developed the detailed design of:

  • the emergency spillway of Kirandich Dam
  • analysis and studies for sewerage system improvement
  • rehabilitation and augmentation works related to the existing water supply system for Kabernet Town
  • additional storage tanks located at Seguton
  • the extension of pipelines to cover areas surroundings Kabernet Town such as Seguton, Kaprogonya, Kinyo, Chebano, Kituro, Kibo and Kapsoo

Main features of Kirandich Dam

  • Type: zoned earthfill dam with impervious core
  • Reservoir capacity 28,8 hm3
  • Earthfill volume: 413.000 m3
  • Crest length: 220 m
  • Maximum height: 68 m
  • Spillway type ungated