Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources


    Wilayat Ibri
    Al-Dhahira Governorate – Sultanate OF Oman

To raise water resources in the Wilayat Ibri, MRMWR has determined to investigate the feasibility of increasing groundwater resources building several recharge dams. The aim of the project is the design of several recharge rockfill dams on the basis of field studies, request of local people and agricultural assessment of different settlements/villages.

Services provided by Sering International

  • Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Supervision of works

The design has taken into account the hydrological and hydrogeological conditions, reservoir size, safety of the structure and environmental considerations. The Preliminary Design and the Detailed Design have been approved by the Client.

Among the dams designed, the most Important is Ibri 14 Dam, located 9 km SE of Ibri Town and around 235 km SW of Seeb International Airport, Muscat. Local geography of the area consists of the undulating topography with mountains and wadi plane.. The rockfill dam embankment has a rounded shape with a total length of about 3,200 m. The current configuration takes into account the land use of the area, plenty of farms in the right side of the dam. One spillway, 313 m long, has been located on the central line of the dam at the lowest ground level.