Mela Bureau of Reclamation


    Province of Messina (Italy)

The scope of project is the design and build of Sicamino’ Dam on Gualtieri River with the aim of flood risk reduction for the villages along the Sicilian Tyrrhenian coast and the use of water for irrigation purposes

Main Features of the Dam

  • Capacity of the reservoir: 9.25 hm3
  • Type: zoned rockfill dam with impervious bituminous core
  • Volume of the dam: 1.013.000 m3
  • Crest length: 234 m
  • Maximum height: 77.5 m
  • Spillway type: ungated type

Foundation Soils: Varicoloured highly tectonized clays Metamorphic rocks (Micaschist, Anphibolites). Marl, Sandstone, Conglomerates (Capo d’Orlando Flysch)

Services provided by technicians of Sering

  • Feasibility Study
  • Detailed design